Baby Wipes

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Ultra-Soft Baby Wipes for Your Little One's Delicate Skin

Keeping your little one fresh and clean is a top priority for every parent, and baby wipes are an indispensable tool in achieving this. Our top-quality baby wipes deliver gentle and effective cleaning, making them ideal for delicate skin. Enriched with natural ingredients, these wipes provide comfort and thorough hygiene for your baby. Whether at home or on the move, our baby wipes are soft, hypoallergenic, and free from harsh chemicals. Enjoy the simplicity and reassurance that comes with using the finest wipes available in India, ensuring your baby's well-being.


Baby Wipes Types

  • Regular Baby Wipes: These are the most commonly used baby wipes for everyday cleaning. They are made from soft, durable materials that are gentle on the baby’s skin. Regular baby wipes often contain mild cleansing agents and moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated and clean. They are versatile and can be used for wiping hands, face, and diaper areas.
  • Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes: Designed specifically for babies with sensitive skin, these wipes are free from fragrances, alcohol, and harsh chemicals. They often include soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile, which help to prevent irritation and diaper rash. Sensitive skin baby wipes are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, making them a safe choice for newborns and babies prone to skin allergies.
  • Eco-Friendly Baby Wipes: These products are made from sustainable and biodegradable materials, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice. They are free from synthetic chemicals, fragrances, and dyes. They use natural ingredients and fibres, ensuring that they break down more quickly after disposal, reducing their environmental impact.
  • Organic Baby Wipes: Organic baby wipes are made from organic cotton and contain organic ingredients like calendula, chamomile, and aloe vera. They are free from pesticides, synthetic chemicals, and GMOs. These wipes provide a natural and gentle cleansing option for your baby’s delicate skin, making them ideal for parents who prefer organic products.
  • Water-Based Baby Wipes: These wipes contain a high percentage of purified water, making them very gentle and suitable for newborns. Water-based wipes typically have minimal additives, ensuring they are safe for the most sensitive skin. They are excellent for parents seeking a simple and effective cleaning solution.
  • Flushable Baby Wipes: Designed to be flushable, these wipes break down quickly in water, making them convenient for potty training. They are made from biodegradable materials and are safe for septic systems. They provide an easy and sanitary way to clean messes without clogging pipes.


  • Softness: The best baby wipes are made from soft materials that are gentle on the baby’s skin. Soft wipes prevent irritation and ensure a comfortable cleaning experience.
  • Moisture Content: Baby wipes should be moist enough to clean effectively but not overly wet to leave the skin too damp. The right balance ensures thorough cleaning and quick drying.
  • Fragrance-Free Options: Fragrance-free baby wipes are ideal for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. They reduce the risk of irritation and are gentle on delicate skin.
  • Durability: Durable baby wipes do not tear easily and can handle multiple swipes. Strong wipes are essential for thorough cleaning, especially during diaper changes.
  • Packaging: Convenient packaging, such as resealable packs or pop-up dispensers, keeps the wipes moist and makes them easy to use. Travel-friendly packaging ensures that you can carry wipes with you wherever you go.
  • Eco-Friendly Ingredients: For environmentally conscious parents, wipes made from biodegradable and sustainable materials are a great choice. Eco-friendly wipes are safe for the environment and decompose quickly after disposal.
  • Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic baby wipes are formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. They are free from common allergens and irritants, making them safe for sensitive skin.

Buying Considerations

  • Pricing: The price of baby wipes may vary depending on factors like the brand, type, and the quantity you purchase. It's wise to compare prices to find the best value while ensuring quality. Opting for bulk purchases or subscription services can also lead to cost savings.
  • Ingredients: Prioritize checking the ingredients list to confirm that the wipes are devoid of harmful chemicals, fragrances, and dyes. Look for formulations containing natural and gentle ingredients that won't irritate your baby's skin.
  • Intended Use: Take into account the primary purpose of the wipes. For instance, opt for sensitive skin wipes for diaper changes, whereas regular wipes might suffice for general cleaning tasks.
  • Accessibility: Make sure that the wipes are easily accessible for purchase, whether in physical stores or online. Consistent availability ensures you won't unexpectedly find yourself without them.
  • Brand Reputation: Opt for reputable brands known for their high quality and safety standards. Seeking feedback and recommendations from fellow parents can help in making a well-informed choice.

Age-Specific Baby Wipes

  • Newborns: Newborn baby wipes should be ultra-gentle and free from harsh chemicals. Water-based or sensitive skin wipes are ideal for newborns, ensuring they do not irritate the baby’s delicate skin.
  • Infants (0-6 months): At this stage, babies have more sensitive skin, so choose wipes that are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Regular use of soft and moist wipes helps keep the skin clean and prevents diaper rash.
  • Crawlers (6-12 months): Babies may get dirtier as they start crawling and exploring. Durable and thicker wipes that can handle more substantial messes suit this age group.
  • Toddlers (1+ years): For toddlers, consider flushable wipes, especially if you are potty training. These wipes are convenient for both diaper changes and cleaning up after toilet use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the best baby wipes for sensitive skin?

   A: The best baby wipes for sensitive skin are those that are hypoallergenic and free from fragrances, alcohol, and harsh chemicals. Brands like WaterWipes and Huggies Pure are popular choices.


  1. How much do baby wipes cost?

   A: The price of baby wipes varies depending on the brand and type. On average, a pack of 80-100 wipes can range from ₹150 to ₹400. Bulk packs or subscriptions can offer better value for money.


  1. Can baby wipes be used for cleaning a baby's face and hands?

A: Yes, baby wipes can be used to clean a baby's face and hands. To avoid irritation, choose gentle, fragrance-free wipes specifically designed for sensitive skin.


  1. Can baby wipes be used on a newborn?

   A: Yes, baby wipes can be used on newborns, but it is best to choose wipes that are specifically designed for sensitive skin or are water-based to avoid irritation.


  1. Are baby wet wipes flushable?

   A: Not all baby-wet wipes are flushable. Check the packaging to see if the wipes are labelled as flushable. Flushable wipes are designed to break down quickly in water.


  1. How do I store baby wipes to keep them moist?

   A: Store baby wipes in a cool, dry place and tightly seal the packaging. Using a resealable pack or a wipe dispenser can help maintain moisture levels.


  1. What ingredients should I avoid in baby wipes?

   A: Avoid baby wipes that contain alcohol, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. These ingredients can irritate and are not suitable for sensitive baby skin.


  1. How often should I use baby wipes?

   A: Use baby wipes as needed, typically during diaper changes, meal cleanups, and general hand and face cleaning. Regular use helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene.


  1. Are there eco-friendly baby wipes available?

   A: Yes, eco-friendly baby wipes are made from biodegradable materials and natural ingredients. Brands like Eco by Naty and Seventh Generation offer eco-friendly options.